Horton’s of Tipton

Over the weekend I attended the Christmas Open House at one of my favorite little shops–Horton’s of Tipton. Horton’s is unique because half the shop is a hardware store where you can buy anything from blinds to paint, and the other half is a shabby chic paradise (AND, get this–they have a case full of fresh, homemade fudge). There is also a garden area outside the shop where you can find plants, flowers, pumpkins, and more; around Christmastime, there are plenty of live Christmas trees and garlands.




There are so many things in the above photo that I love, I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, those antlers are on POINT (see what I did there?). I am a huge fan of vintage white crockery–especially ironstone, of which there is plenty at Horton’s–so I adore that sweet little pitcher and the creamers. And can we talk about the light fixture made out of egg baskets? At this point, you’re all either entering Horton’s into your Google Maps app or trying to figure out how you can make one of those light fixtures yourself.


Pretty bows and beautiful linens everywhere you look!


A great mix of old and new…



This is a little peek at the new children’s boutique in Horton’s…too cute!


Do they have clothes? Of course they have clothes…




Pink jingle bell wrapping paper with matching tags and greeting cards! I can’t stand it!



img_0276“I saw three ships come sailing in on Christmas Day in the morning.” Nautical Christmas theme–brilliant!











img_0288This lamp…un-be-liev-a-ble.



Feeling sad that you missed out on the Christmas Open House at Horton’s of Tipton? Don’t miss the Christmas Vendor Market on December 3rd!

Boone County Uniques

If you blink while driving through Boone County, Indiana, you might miss Advance. Yet, this small, rural town consisting of but a few hundred people is home to the storefront of Sid’s famous junque business, Boone County Uniques. Sid believes and has proven that location isn’t necessarily what makes a business successful.


boone county uniques sid



His business has taken many shapes and names over the years, but at the heart of it, Sid is a traveling salesman, and not in the traditional sense. He’s been buying, rebuilding, repurposing, and selling everything from architectural salvage to pots and pans since he was five years old. His uncle and his father taught the Salem, Indiana native the trade, beginning with refinishing furniture.



“My uncle taught me to look at something not for what it is, but for what it could be,” remembers Sid. “I was doing the Pinterest thing before Pinterest was ever around.”

He considers himself somewhat of a gypsy. For years, he has traveled the country selling unique, antique, wholesale, and items of all kinds at flea markets. “There is definitely a culture to it. You never know who you’re going to meet. There are a lot of just good, fun people.”

Sid’s favorite event is the 127 Yard Sale—the world’s longest yard sale, covering over 690 miles from Michigan to Alabama. He camps out for four days in Junction City, Kentucky every August to sell his wares and to meet people from all sides of the U.S. Networking with people at events like these is Sid’s specialty.




“You don’t have to give away all of your secrets, but where do you get all of this stuff?” I had to inquire, because even at the greatest of auctions, I’ve never been able to obtain a haul like the ones so often featured on the Boone County Uniques page where Sid’s truck is stacked, packed, and piled high with furniture after a day of pickin’. The man literally doesn’t even have to tie the stuff down—that’s how crazy it is.

“Mostly individuals,” he replies casually.

I marvel at the dozens of stacks of business cards displayed on his counter, representing small business owners like himself. “So you just know a lot of people with a lot of stuff.” When you’ve been doing this for as long as he has and when you love meeting people as much as Sid does, you get to know a lot of people…with a lot of stuff.

“There can’t be competition in this business. We have to help each other. If there’s something I don’t have that a customer is looking for, I can send them over to you, and one day, you’ll send a customer over my way.”

boone county uniques packed truck

Photo courtesy of Boone County Uniques




In the past, Sid has organized flea markets with as many as 300 vendors. He wanted to bring a true, unique flea market to the Boone County area, so he organized Robin Eye Country Flea Market a few years ago on his niece’s property in Whitestown, Indiana. It grew to include dozens of shabby chic, primitive, antique, and vintage vendors and was a favorite weekend activity for junquers from all over the Indianapolis area from the spring through the fall.

When the property was sold, Sid found a storefront property in the little town of Advance. He planned on using the building for storage, but people took notice. Boone County Uniques was born in 2014 when he decided to open the doors for business a few days a week. People who knew Sid from Robin Eye can now find the same great deals on items that can’t be found anywhere else on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays at Boone County Uniques. You also won’t find the same items on any given visit, as merchandise moves quickly through the packed store, and Sid is constantly procuring new items and working on new projects. The flea market still takes place every first Saturday of the month behind the store.


boone county uniques flea market

Photo courtesy of Boone County Uniques

People come from far and wide for the unbeatable selection and prices at the flea market. A mother and daughter travel from Austin, Texas every first Saturday during Boone County Unique’s flea market season, while another couple from Illinois never misses a sale.

In between days at the store, you can find Boone County Uniques at pop-up markets and fleas anywhere from Nashville, Tennessee to the legendary Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County, Indiana. After all, Sid is still a gypsy at heart. To him, this business isn’t a job—it’s a way of life.

boone county uniques hob nob market

Boone County Uniques setting up their booth at the Hobnob Holiday Market in Danville, IL. Photo courtesy of Boone County Uniques. 

boone county uniques welcome friends

boone county uniques outside1


boone county uniques outside2

Check out Boone County Uniques at 104 N. Main St., Advance, IN. Like and follow them on Facebook to see where you can find them at their next pop-up market! 

Giggle Gal Boutique

If you ever find yourself on a shopping excursion in Noblesville, Indiana and make your way to Logan Village Mall, you’ll most likely be greeted by Tammy Daubenspeck’s smiling face and hear her famous giggle. She can often be found socializing with shoppers, graciously assisting customers, and keeping her booth spaces–aptly named Giggle Gal Boutique and Giggle Gal Boutique, Too—freshly stocked with trendy home décor and Boho-chic fashions.

DSCN0688DSCN0706“I feel like I’m back home, and I just love it here,” says Tammy, who had been out of retail for a few years when an LVM employee suggested she start up a booth space again in 2014. “I love seeing people, and I really missed that.”

While working as a sales associate at Logan Village Mall, Tammy first started selling home décor and gift items in a small space inside the store around Christmastime in 2001.

“It took off a lot faster and much better than I thought. The biggest sellers were these little ornaments. People were buying them like crazy, and I thought, ‘Now, I can do this!’”



Tammy soon moved her business into a full-sized booth space inside the shop and even quit working to focus on her business full-time. She left to pursue other ventures not quite a year later, but as she explains it, she’s back “home” to stay.

One of Tammy’s jobs in the following years included managing a popular downtown Noblesville store with her sister, Tina. Patrons nicknamed the store “The Giggle Place,” referring to Tammy and Tina’s infectious laughter. When Tammy decided to bring her business back to LVM, her family suggested she name it “Giggle Gal Boutique” to pay homage to her bubbly reputation.




Giggle Gal Boutique has expanded several times over already since its debut. It now occupies two rooms—one for home décor, and one for apparel. In both rooms, you will find products that give back in some way, whether it’s to community causes or even to talented artisans and their small business ventures. A portion of the proceeds from “The Home T”s benefit multiple sclerosis research, while the purchase of a pair of Ginger Snaps flip flops supports their Soles4Souls project, which provides free shoes for impoverished children and adults worldwide. Certain products help support education and job training for struggling women.


Purchasing a pair of Ginger Snaps flip flops supports “Soles4Souls,” which provides free pairs of shoes to impoverished children and adults around the world.


A portion of the proceeds from “The Home T”s benefit multiple sclerosis research.


Tammy is always on the hunt for talented individuals who offer unique wares, and she strives to support other small business owners. These hand-painted wooden signs are specially made by a local artist, while a new line of tees (below, bottom row) are designed and printed by an individual in Minnesota. 


As far as apparel and gifts go, Tammy likes to carry products with positive, uplifting messages. Many items boast mottos by which she lives her own life, such as “Live happy” and “”It is well with my soul.” Unlike many boutiques, Giggle Gal also offers on-trend clothing for women of all ages and sizes. According to her, every woman should be able to look pretty and stylish.





Whether you’re looking for clothing with a unique message, a pop of fun in your home décor, or a girly gift that can’t be found at a big-box store, Giggle Gal Boutique delivers new products that brighten your day with every visit.

Check out Giggle Gal Boutique inside Logan Village Mall–977 Logan Street, Noblesville, IN–or on Facebook, and give it a “like”!

Now and Then

This Featured Small Business is a special one because it’s my mom and sister’s business! I have a very small role in this “story”; I’ll be referring to myself later in this post in the third-person. 

Mother and daughter team Monica and Nina are the dynamic duo behind Now and Then at Logan Village Mall in historic downtown Noblesville, Indiana. You can often find one or both of them stocking the booth with vintage Fiestaware and custom-made lamps on a weekday or moving a newly acquired antique cabinet in on a weekend.

Nina and Mom chair

Now and Then manequin

Now and Then tea pot lamp


“My love for antiques began in the late ‘70s,” explains Monica. She and her husband were avid collectors. Weekends were often spent attending auctions and visiting antique stores, and their children were inevitably brought along. “The kids were always with us. Nina grew up around this kind of stuff.”



Now and Then basket and tables

Now and Then bird

Monica began her small business in 2003 with a booth space at the downtown Noblesville shop Spent Saturdays, where both mother and daughter worked as part-time sales associates. Her business, originally called “Baskets With Love”, offered custom-made gift baskets. Monica eventually transitioned into home décor and accessories, and Nina joined her in the booth in 2004, offering pet accessories.

In 2005, the family moved their booth space, which had become “Now and Then”, to another beloved Noblesville store on the square–A Corner Cottage–where Nina worked as a sales associate through college. After three years of success offering antiques, vintage décor, and accessories, Monica moved on to a retail job at Jewelry Gallery in Westfield, and Nina graduated college, became an elementary school teacher, and started a family of her own with her husband, Luke.

After a four-year hiatus, Monica and Nina decided to get back into the game in 2012, this time joined by Monica’s other daughter (and Nina’s sister), Emily. Inspired by Pinterest and decorating magazines such as Flea Market Style and Romantic Country–and the rustic, yet modern style of Restoration Hardware, for Nina–the ladies offered antique and vintage furniture, collectibles, china, and other treasures appealing to junque lovers.

You can find Now and Then inside Logan Village Mall in historic downtown Noblesville, Indiana.


Now and Then’s unique style is truly eclectic.
Now and Then sign
Now and Then–formerly a family trio–began its run at Logan Village Mall in a small booth in the middle/back of the store. Once it was outgrown, they moved to a slightly bigger space one booth over, and now business is better than ever in their largest space yet towards the front of the store.

Now and Then cabinet

Today, the team (once again consisting of Monica and Nina, as Emily has since started her own booth) describes their style as eclectic, integrating romantic country, rustic, and shabby chic looks. Their favorite pieces to collect, restyle, and sell in the booth include buffets, chairs, large furniture pieces, dishes, silver and mirrors.

Their husbands are an important part of the business. Both Doug—Monica’s husband and Nina’s father—and Luke help by hauling and moving large pieces, doing repairs, and painting. Doug, who has 30 plus years of experience working with electricity, builds the darling teapot lamps that light up the booth.

The pair often works with their husbands to find pieces at auctions, estate sales, and even in people’s barns that are in disrepair. “Luke helps me rebuild a lot of the pieces, and then we sand or paint or do whatever needs done,” explains Nina. You can be sure that every item in their booth comes to you with loving care, time, and hard work built in.

 Now and Then dishes

Now and Then Fiesta

Now and Then handles

Shoppers can now find their booth towards the front of the store. They recently relocated to a larger booth near the entrance.

Whether you’re looking for a great set of dishes for a tea party, a farm table and chairs for your dining room, or a cabinet to show off your favorite vintage treasures, you’ll find what you need to complete your home’s look at Now and Then!

Now and Then nina and mom buffet

Now and Then Pallet

Now and Then tea pot and suitcase


Check out Now and Then in their space at Logan Village Mall–977 Logan St., Noblesville, IN 46060–or on Facebook. Give them a “like” while you’re at it!